"Thoroughly enjoyed my tour with you, Marisa, and I'm very grateful for all the 'little touches' that make such a difference when you travel."

"Marita was catching up on some photos from our travels last year and reminicising about what a great time we had. It has been amazing the number of TV programs about Sicily this year and it makes us want to return and see new places we missed first time around."

"Hey Bruno, I woke up this morning and thought 'I'm in Venice still, how cool'...
I can't believe how good the whole trip has been. Thanks for your care and generous good humour. See you back in Oz."

"Dearest Bruno, Thank you so so much for doing this. We really appreciate it. It is the obsolute gesture of good will and won't be forgotten. You have made our day!"

"Good Morning Bruno. That is a lovely gesture on your part – thank you. I'm sure it is very much appreciated by those involved."

"Apologies for not replying earlier or for having thanked you sooner for attaching the photo. It was great to get, and of course, the memories of happy times came flooding back!
Have been telling anyone that will listen, what a fabulous place Sicily is and who better to show you around than the fabulous people of Allegria Tours!
Looking forward to catching up with everyone at our reunion dinner... You are definitely extraordinary and special people and we feel so thrilled that we were on your tour."